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PSR Oilfield Equipment Ltd offers steel lifting bails in sizes 2 3/8″ to 8 5/8” in API threads REG, IF, FH, OEM’s Premium threads including XT's and HT's  and are constantly working to expand the range of sizes available from stock. We offer cast steel lifting bails from a number of approved manufacturers, made from high quality castings in ASTM A27 Grade 60-30 or equivalent with high tensile and yield strengths.

Threads and shoulders are precision CNC machined, inspected and tested for dimensional accuracy and thread fitment.

Cast Steel Lifting bails are subject to chemical and mechanical testing including Load Test, MPI and radiography as per the relevant standards. Bails are certified for one lift /campaign and should be retested and certified after each use.

PSR Oilfield Equipment Ltd offer a retesting and certification service for used lifting bails.

All tests are carried out by independent third party inspection companies certified to ISO 9001:2000 and accredited to NABL.

Used for the safe handling and lifting of drill pipe, drill collars, stabilizers, subs, drill bits and other OCTG related products, all cast steel lifting bails are supplied with test and inspection certificates giving full traceability via unique ID numbers stamped on the bails.

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